Guitar Lesson Information

View the guitar lesson information below to find out more about what I offer.

One on one Lessons

My guitar lessons are one on one allowing my attention to be 100% focused on you. You will not need to wait for other students to arrive and the entire lesson is focused on you and your goals. Learn to play the guitar in Auckland.


All Ages 10 and up

I can teach you weather you are 10 or 100 and any age in between. Anyone can learn to play the guitar with proper instruction, age is not an obstacle so don’t let it hold you back. If you are a beginner it is worth having a look at my beginner guitar lessons page to help you out. You will find all of the information you need to get started, such as choosing your first guitar.


Learn Acoustic or Electric Guitar

I teach both Acoustic and Electric guitar in a variety of styles. You will also have the option to learn other aspects of music such as songwriting, recording and music theory. I have a lot of experience that I can use to help you expand your musical knowledge and get creative.


Competitive Lesson Rates

For an average one hour guitar lesson in West Auckland, the price ranges between $60-$70. I do not only beat that but I also offer a discounted price for your first lesson. View my lesson rates for more information.


Discounts on Instruments and Musical Equipment

By signing up for guitar lessons with me at Hypermusic Studio you will be able to receive discounts on certain instruments and musical equipment.



What Can You Learn In Lessons?

I can teach you a range of different styles and techniques as well as helping you to work towards a variety of different goals.  

 Find out what you could learn in my lessons here