Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Interested in playing acoustic guitar? At Hypermusic Studio I offer acoustic guitar lessons based in West Auckland for any skill level. Get the skills you need to play acoustic guitar as well as personalized lessons to focus on what you want to learn.


I can teach you all of the basic skills to be able to play the guitar, learn popular acoustic songs from a variety of genres and artists, If you are a singer/songwriter you will learn how to accompany yourself playing the guitar. Learn a range of styles including pop, rock, metal, classical and more.


The acoustic guitar is a great instrument to learn, it is a very portable instrument allowing you to easily take it anywhere to perform or practice without requiring any additional tools such as an amplifier.


Being able to play the acoustic guitar will also enable you to transfer the skills you have to electric guitar should you want/need to.


Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  • Personalized lessons focused on what you want to learn
  • Play well known popular acoustic songs in a variety of genres and styles
  • Learn to accompany yourself if you are a singer/songwriter
  • Any skill level welcome
  • Discounts on musical equipment and accessories
  • Learn music theory and how to read music up to any level (not a requirement)


Contact me now for more information and to sign up.