Find FREE Guitar Music To Learn

Learning to play the guitar doesn’t just stop with going to lessons, you need to be actively learning in your own time to improve your skills. Here is one of the best resources around. is a very useful websites for guitarists, it is a website that has one of the largest databases for guitar tablature (tabs).

They cover acoustic guitar, electric guitar and even bass guitar. Most of the content comes from the large amount of users that they have who contribute to their database. 

No matter what type of music you like, you will almost always find guitar tabs for that music. All you need to do is search for a particular song, artist or album, and select from a range of tabs that relate to what you are looking for.

Ultimate Guitar offers various options for presenting tabs to you, there is the most basic text version of guitar tabs This is an old way of presenting music to guitarists but it is still very common because it is relatively easy to understand and it is free to use.

They also offer chord charts which are common for pop music and acoustic guitar. Chord charts provide the lyrics for a song along with the particular chords that you need to play on the guitar at the correct place aligned with the lyrics.

Of course, nothing beats learning to play the guitar with some quality guitar lessons, but this site also helps to compliment your learnings. YouTube is another amazing free resource for learning as well.

Guitar Pro tabs are another way that users submit their interpretation of songs to Ultimate Guitar, they require you to have the Guitar Pro software installed on your computer in order to open and view them. Guitar Pro is a computer program that lets you write music, view guitar tabs and play them back to hear how they sound. This music program is not free but it is relatively cheap for what features it offers. Another option for viewing guitar tabs on Ultimate Guitar is to use their paid Tab Pro subscription. This is the most recent addition to the website and allows you to playback the tabs so that you can hear how they sound. Tab Pro has also been optimized to work within the Ultimate Guitar website and the mobile apps that they offer. I recommend purchasing Guitar Pro to view the Guitar Pro tabs. Although there are various types of software that will open those tabs, you will not get all of the features that Guitar Pro has to offer. If you are not wanting to spend money then your best option is to go with the text based tabs and the chord charts that are freely available on Ultimate Guitar. When selecting a tab, the website separates them into categories such as Tab Pro, tabs (text based), Guitar Pro, Chords (Chord Charts). They also offer some bass guitar tabs as well depending on the song. Because these are written by people around the world you will get many contributions for the same song. The way that Ultimate Guitar sorts these out is by a star rating system which is rated by other users that view and learn from the tab, they then vote based on how accurate they think the tab is relating to the song and the play-ability of the tab. Ultimate guitar is not only a guitar tablature site, they also offer many other guitar related things such as the latest music related news and even album reviews. If you have not heard of Ultimate Guitar it is well worth the visit over to their site. Just be aware that although it is the biggest site for learning music, some of the songs you want to learn may not be the most accurate. Ultimate Guitar has been one of the most useful sites that I have used during my journey towards learning to play both acoustic guitar and electric guitar, I am sure that it would benefit you