Electric Guitar Lessons

Have you ever wanted to play the electric guitar? At Hypermusic studio I offer electric guitar lessons based in West Auckland at any level that will give you the skills to play in a range of styles such as rock, pop, neo-classical, metal, punk and more.


You will learn techniques that are specific to the electric guitar, and songs that will help you develop your skills. If you have ever wanted to play your favourite songs, be in a band or write your own music the electric guitar is a great instrument to learn.


I also teach theory up to any level which will help you with improvising, soloing, writing your own music and also improving your over all understanding of the instrument.


Electric Guitar Lessons:

  • Any skill level
  • Learn a range of styles¬†rock, pop, neo-classical, metal, punk and more
  • Read music and learn music theory (optional – not required)
  • Acquire many skills such as Improvising, Soloing and Songwriting
  • Learn techniques that are specific to electric guitar as well as acoustic guitar
  • Get discounts on Instrument and accessories

Learn to play the guitar with private guitar lessons in Auckland


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