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Learn to play guitar no matter what your level of experience is.
My name is Kyle and I run Hypermusic Studio, I teach one on one guitar lessons in West Auckland. I teach students at any level from the age of 10 and above. Adults and parents are more than welcome to sign up for my adult guitar lessons.
Kyle Arnold - Guitar Teacher: guitar lessons in west auckland

Kyle Arnold: Guitar Teacher

  If you are a beginner looking for a place to start, find out more information on my beginner guitar lessons page. You will find all the information you need to know when starting out, such as choosing your first guitar. Contact me below if you are interested in signing up for my guitar lessons, or if you have any further questions.   I offer competitively priced lessons compared to other teachers in the West Auckland area. As well as affordable prices you also get a discounted price for your first five lessons. View my Guitar Lesson Rates to find out more. I also provide discounts on musical instruments and accessories.   My guitar lessons are taught from my home in West Auckland, I am currently teaching electric guitar and acoustic guitar in a range of styles. Find out about my guitar lesson benefits and what you can gain from learning guitar.  

West Auckland Guitar Lessons

  • One on one private guitar lessons – 100% fully focused on you allowing you to learn faster.
  • Competitive lessons rates
  • Electric and acoustic guitar lessons available.
  • I teach ages 10 and above. Adults are also more than welcome.
  • Any skill level from beginner to advanced, there is always something to learn.
  • Flexible hours, I am happy to work with you and your schedule.
  • Lessons are tailored towards you and your goals.
  • Options to learn how to read music and also write your own songs! (reading music is encouraged but not compulsory).
  Contact me below for more information and to get started learning guitar.

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West Auckland Music Lessons

Learn to play an instrument in Auckland. We have a range of music teachers who can help you get started. Our teachers provide quality one on one lessons from their private teaching studios. Get in contact with Hypermusic Studio today to book you or your child in for lessons. Music lessons are a fun way to develop co-ordination, take your mind of the daily stresses as well as concentrate on learning a new skill. They are also very enjoyable and fulfilling. There is nothing like finally achieving your goals of being able to play a song or musical piece that you have always wanted to learn. Having your child learn to play an instrument such as guitar can be very beneficial. It teaches dedication and commitment, while developing valuable skills which they can share with others and maybe even perform at special events. It doesn’t matter if you are wanting lessons for fun as a casual hobby, or if you are wanting to take your skills to the next level by joining a band or playing professionally. You will find the right teacher with Hypermusic Studio.