Lesson Benefits

Hypermusic Studio: Lesson Benefits

Lesson Benefits:

Find out what my lessons offer below by reading through the lesson benefits.


Improve Hand Eye Co-ordination

Learning the guitar can be very enjoyable, it also helps you improve hand-eye coordination. The guitar requires you to be able to do many things at once. You must use your left and right hands together at the same time to be able to play notes and strum chords. On top of that you will also be reading notes or guitar tablature while playing. Although this sounds complicated, with proper instruction and a bit of practice you will be surprised at how quickly you are capable of learning.

Enjoy Learning a New Skill

Playing an instrument is a great way to have fun, and learning the guitar is a very rewarding instrument to learn. With a bit of practice and some proper instructions from my lessons you will be able to achieve any goals you have with playing the guitar. A lot of people assume that you have to sit through hours of playing boring scales and not have any fun. Although scales are important, what is more important is that you are having fun and that you enjoy what you learn, during my lessons I work with you to make sure that you are getting the most out of your lessons and most importantly… enjoying them!

Learn How to Jam With Anybody

Have you ever wanted to join a band? accompany a singer? or just simply play the guitar with your friends? It can be frustrating and confusing when you need to play your instrument with another musician especially if you are unsure how to go about it. With my experience in bands and writing music with a range of people, I am able to take that knowledge and help you overcome these obstacles. I will teach you the skills you need to be able to play the guitar with anyone and also how to jam along to your own music. Collaborating with other musicians can be very fun and you will learn a lot from others while playing along with them.

Master Difficult Techniques

The guitar is a very versatile instrument allowing you to play a wide range of styles. As you progress with building your skills, there are often techniques that can be very difficult to learn. For some people these techniques could be mastering sweep picking or developing speed picking, for others it can be learning that blues solo or playing a certain chord progression perfectly. There are many more difficult techniques for people at any level and I have been through almost all of them myself. With the help of my lessons I will work towards helping you set goals and develop your guitar playing towards mastering those difficult techniques.

Learn to Read Music

A large majority of people will cringe at the thought of learning to read music, that is understandable and one of the reasons I do not make it compulsory to teach you how to read music in my lessons. There are however a lot of advantages to learning how to read music, it can greatly improve your understanding of the guitar. You will also be able to learn songs much faster because they become a lot clearer once you understand how they work which is why reading music is always encouraged.

If you have been struggling to learn how to read music and learn music theory, I am more than happy to help you out. with the skills I have from composing at University I will help you progress gradually through the steps towards mastering reading music and learning music theory.

Write Your Own Songs

Writing music is a very fun way to express your creativity and share your ideas. It is very exciting to be able to play your own music on the guitar. There are many outputs in which you can focus your songwriting for example you could be in a band wanting to write your own songs, you may be a singer or know a singer that you want to write for, you may even just want to be able to write music for enjoyment and the pleasure of expressing yourself creatively.

If you have an interest in writing your own songs I am able to help you and show you ways of expressing your ideas. I can show you how to write in a wide range of styles and complexity.


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